Marriage Customs from around the World

Every religion, tradition, and nation has its own exclusive ceremony custom that reflects their love and marriage perspective. We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for ideas for your own special day or want to learn more about the rich history of international marriage customs.

One of the most exciting aspects of a bride’s great day will be her walk down the aisle, according to almost any wife. It’s the first day her friends did notice her, and it’s frequently the first time her upcoming husband or wife likely discover her.

In Mexico, it’s common to see a service where the child’s hands are bound up with a bola, or lazo. This metaphorical gesture, which is also famous in Filipino and Latino ceremonies, symbolizes the union of two people and a devotion to their new lives together.

Grooms typically serenade their wives before the wedding ceremony in Italy. The man and his friends and family will gather outside of the couple’s household, satisfy themselves with music or food while waiting for the wedding to come. Before escorting her to the chapel, the bridegroom did serenade her with a melody to deeper entice her.

Champagne turrets are a common design at a lot of contemporary marriages. A passionate and visually pleasing way to serve your guests is by pouring the effervescent into the pyramid’s major, which then overflows to fill the remaining glasses. The groom and his buddies attend a Falaka ceremony in South Korea where they reduce his shoes, bind his feet, and use dried tuna or sticks to beat him. This may seem cruel, but it’s intended to show that the wedding is capable of anything and reinforce him for his bride nighttime.

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