How long does it take to receive my code?

If you order through our website, you will receive the starter code by email within 1 hour.

How long is the starter code valid?

Your code is valid for six months after purchase.

Do I need to make a reservation?

You don’t have to make a reservation. You can start the rally you want to do at any time between sunrise and sunset.

Where can I start a rally?

Each rally has a different starting point. In the app you can see what the start points are, in the opening screen the compass and rangefinder will show you the route to the start point .

Where can I download the app?

Search for “rlly” in the appstore / playstore. OR use the links that lead directly to the appstores: Apple appstore / Google Playstore.

Where does a rally end?

That. We’re not going to tell you, it’s the element of surprise that makes a RLLY fun, but we can tell you that the end point is never more than half an hour from the starting point. In a Hiking RLY the endpoint is very close to the starting point.

Why does the direction of my compass change?

A compass uses the compass sensor on your smartphone. This sensor is different on every phone and also depends on environmental factors (like satellites the sensor connects to). To have the most accurate compass possible, you can move your phone in the shape of an 8, the device will then calibrate itself. Further. Be patient, you will see that the compass will start to adjust itself as you drive / walk further. Keep an eye on whether the distance is still decreasing as you move in a certain direction.

If the compass keeps sending you in the wrong direction, then your phone is not transmitting the readings correctly. Annoying but there are phones where this can happen. What you can do: Install the app on another phone, call / app us so we can re-activate your start code / use the map function.

Is internet needed to follow a RLLY?

If you want to experience the RLLY to the fullest, the answer is yes. With internet, all the images accompanying the assignments will appear properly and you will be able to answer the questions better. Also, an RLLY costs almost no internet, just a few mb’s.

On how many devices is it best to follow a RLLY?

The code you purchase can be entered on one device. For the optimal experience, we recommend a maximum of 4 people per code. So if there are six of you, we recommend purchasing two codes using two phones. NOTE: Once the code is entered on a device, that code cannot be used again!

My phone says I have to go back to the departure point, what now?

That is annoying because that is not the intention. If you really can’t continue at the last spott you can contact the phone number mentioned on this site.

My devices is not compatible with the app version, what to do now?

Exceptionally this may occur, this has to do with an update of playstore on your phone. We have found an article that describes how to solve this, click here for a solution.

Still haven’t found the answer to your question?

Please call us on +31 318-250999 / send a message: info@rlly.nl