Bike tour Valencia

Follow the compass and explore the hotspots of Valencia! (2-5 people)

From the centre to the beach.. You will see the most beautiful hotspots of Valencia in 3-4 hours. Follow the compass and experience Valencia in a fun way.

Details about the 2-Wheeltour

Go explore with a RLLY route and finish this 2-Wheel route with much more information and fun facts about Valencia.

There are several fun points processed in the route with an interesting explanation about each point.


Every next spot is a surprise, you don’t know exactly where you’re going. Once

you arrive at the spot, a fun assignment awaits you. With each assignment you

can earn points, will you end up in first place?

An example of some hotspots are: The beach, A food hall and cool street

art. Find out what else the route has to offer.

The Digital tour is available in Dutch & English

Biketour in Valencia
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How it works

Start location: Ajuntament Valencia

Duration: 3- 4 hours (14-16

Age: From 10 years

What can you expect?

A great experience is assured, but……you just don’t know where you are going.

What you do know in advance:

  • The start location, you can find the purchased route in the app. Here you can see the start location.
  • The end point of the route is never further than 10 minutes from the start point.
  • You will follow a route with your own (rented) bike or E-scooter.
  • You will go to places you normally would never go.
  • Our experts have set out the route in the most beautiful environments, the direction in the app ensures that you will see the nicest hotspots and

the most beautiful places of a Valencia.

  • You will learn a lot about the area. At many of the waypoints you get information about where you are. It is like a digital guide.

No reservation is needed and you can start the route at any day and time

you want.