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“Setting up something beautiful together that benefits both parties.”

That’s what we go for in a partnership!

A partnership may be interesting for.:


You rent bicycles / solexes / scooters and want to distinguish yourself from competitors by optimizing the experience with a beautiful RLLY route. It is like a digital guided tour


You own a campground or hotel and want to be able to offer your guests something fun that can be done even in bad weather;


You have an events agency and want to expand the assortment with a truly original activity;


You have a restaurant where a RLLY starts/ends (or can be set off) and you want to offer your customers an original and active outing. You will then be able to meet these customers again in the restaurant because the route passes through your company;

Our partners

Also benefit from a partnership with RLLY?

You can offer the RLLY to your own customers by using a small billboard. Through this sign, they will get more information about the RLLY that is available in your area.

An exclusive route that only you offer?

There is also the option to have your own route created by one of our experienced employees. For example, your own bicycle route that starts and ends in front of your door and that customers can only follow at your location, in combination with renting a bicycle.

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