Azerbaijan Marriage Custom

When you enter an Azerbaijani ceremony, you notice that the desks are already full of food. Traditional fare includes shish skewers and dolma (vegetables or meat wrapped in vine leaves), rice, meat, poultry, seafood, veggies, and seafood. Bottomless also exist a large number of breads, liquids, teas, waters, and wines. The dance is entertaining and the songs is noisy.

A service called “paltarkesdi” is held a few days before the major time. The princess’s family visits the vicar’s residence with close female friends during this time. She tells the couple’s household about her boy and his character. If the kids approve of the bride, they did consent to wed her. The bride will then move into her novel home and the bride’s father did therefore give the dowry to her brother.

A service known as “uzechikhdi” is held three days asian mail order wife later. The bride’s closest female family visit her innovative home to give her gifts during this time. The couple’s mother next prepares meal for people. This introduces the bride to her fresh life and makes her akin to her husband’s extended family.

The couple’s guests are expected to purchase the necessary items to begin their new life together. These are comparable to the “moment” registryies you might find in the Us. It is a fantastic way to show the newlyweds you care and support them. It is a gorgeous and significant traditions in terms of culture.

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